If you have been following the news like I have, the consumer price index was over 9% in June. This has truly impacted the construction industry in several ways. Material costs like a simple 2 by 4 or a sheet of plywood has nearly doubled in the last 2 years. Check out stores like Home Depot or Lowes and you will see what I mean.

Add to the fact that diesel prices are over 6 bucks and EVERTHING gets shipped by truck or rail and that will impact everthing.

Every cabinet supplier I have used has been raising their prices slow but sure based on these facts and no one can answer when this will slow down. Some of my vendors are also reporting long lead time for cabinet orders.

There is some good news to report such as the appliance shortage seems to be coming back to normal.

My advice to anyone doing a remodel is to plan for these price increases and shipping delays. Good luck with your remodeling projects!!!

Product price increases are here !!!